Cast of Characters

It’s always nice to have faces that go with the names.  Here are the faces in my little story

Dr. Rudy

Dr. Norvelle

They are married and have a son Peter

who usually does not appreciate pictures being taken

Peter’s cousin Lemuel stays with us sometimes too

and Lemuel’s sisters Pam and Hazel were here for Christmas

There are lots of Peter’s friends around the house every day – most of them from his soccer team.  Ben and Tobi are the Norwegion missionary kids

Ben and Tobias Hofstad

Peter, Ben, and Tobi are all taught by the schoolteacher Kristian

Ben and Toby’s dad is Jarle – one of the missionary pilots.

Jarle and his youngest - Camila

There are three pilots in all – Jarle, George, and Wayne – who serve Ahuas.

George is a longstanding friend of my family

George and my youngest brother Micah

Ahuas can only be reached by boat or by plane so the pilots perform an integral service in both daily and emergency flights.  This is Wayne


Then, of course, there is the hospital!

We are lucky enough to have eleven amazing LVNs who keep the hospital staffed.

Delroy does the monthly paperwork, and is one of the best nurses in the hospital

Carmen runs preclinica

Jenaine runs the MP program for peri-natal care

Jeni and Digna work in the pharmacy

Sosimo and Karixa are out two lab techs

It takes a lot of people to keep the hospital running.  This is Sabio one of our maintenance men

Lesvia the cook is an important help in the doctor’s household so that both of them can be in the hospital all day.  She makes absolutely delicious food.

Rachel is one of my friends who came all the way out here to visit me!  She is a doula and has been helping all the women in the hospital who are giving birth

My brother Stephen, and my friends Taly and Uri came down for New Years in Utila, and then volunteered for a week in Ahuas

It was great for my little brother to get to see where our mom grew up


and Taly and Uri got to see all sorts of interesting medical moments

then, most recently, my Mom and youngest brother Micah were here!

They got to experience boating on the river to get from Puerto Lempira to Ahuas, and then my Mom got to see all of her friends that she has been missing for over 30 years

And, if you hadn’t already guessed, this is me!

Fresh coconut water is delicious



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